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At Ryco Advisors, we have an experienced team that can guide you through every step of selling your business, ensuring that you maximize your company’s exit value.  Our experts not only have extensive financial and transactional experience, but we’ve also been business owners just like you. We have run our own businesses and know firsthand what it’s like to make the decision to sell and which steps to take to achieve a profitable sale.  We leverage this perspective, coupled with years of experience working with major Wall Street firms and consulting companies, to achieve superior results for our clients.  We have advised numerous clients – both large and small – on sale and transfer transactions, and we treat every business we sell as if it were our own.

 Professional and Structured Sale Process – Every Time

Ryco Advisors has developed a structured and thorough sale process methodology which we tailor to each client’s specific needs and goals. Our proprietary process maximizes our clients’ chances of a successful and profitable sale.  We are also serious about maintaining confidentiality throughout the process, which ensures that your business maintains its competitive advantage and employee loyalty until you are ready to disclose a transaction on your terms.  Our sale process typically includes the following steps.

Define Goals & Objectives

Meetings to determine the seller’s objectives so that we tailor our services and focus our efforts to the needs and goals of the seller.

Collect Information

Prior to launching a sale process, our advisors will thoroughly analyze company business data and historical financials in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the operation. Proper preparation is crucial for the best presentation of the business to prospective buyers.


Based on the review of the financials and operation, as well as an evaluation of comparable transactions, we will work with the seller to determine an appropriate asking price. An appropriate valuation minimizes the risk of losing a timely sale by overpricing the business or of leaving money on the table by undervaluing the business.

Marketing Material Preparation

We prepare a comprehensive set of marketing materials to share with prospective buyers. It is of the utmost importance that the business be properly packaged with all facts organized and consistently presented. This ensures presentation in the most favorable light while educating buyers and maximizing valuation. During this stage, we also reach out to our network of banks to prequalify business for SBA financing, if applicable.

Buyer Identification, Listing & Outbound Marketing

We will determine the most likely type of buyer and best marketing strategy for the business. We confidentially reach out to pre-identified buyers in our network as and place the confidential business listing on partnered websites. Our goal is to provide the maximum exposure to qualified buyers while also maintaining confidentiality.

Prospective Buyer Screening Process

Ryco thoroughly screens all prospective buyers to ensure that they are qualified and executes confidentiality agreements with any buyer who wishes to receive additional information. We share and initial set of confidential marketing materials with qualified buyers and field all prospective follow-up questions and data requests.

Deal Negotiation & Buyer Diligence

We negotiate key deal terms and ensure that they are formalized in a Letter of Intent or Term Sheet. The buyer will usually have a due diligence period in which they verify the accuracy of the information provided by the seller. We manage the process of ensure that all diligence requests are satisfied.

Deal Execution

We facilitate the necessary steps to ensure that the deal is successfully consummated, including contract drafting and negotiation. Ryco ensures that all parties at the closing table are working together and keeping focused on timeline.

Why Choose Ryco Advisors?

You can trust our business brokers at Ryco Advisors to make sure your transaction is handled with precision, leaving no details left unchecked. Our business brokers have:

Industry Knowledge

Experience working with clients across a variety of industry sectors


Many years of experience with Wall Street firms and major consulting companies

Small Business Experience

Direct experience running and managing small businesses

Expert Marketing Strategy

Expertise in creating professional and thorough marketing materials

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