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Buying a Business Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

Do you have dreams of owning your own business and being your own boss? You’re not alone. However, starting a business from scratch can be a difficult and risky process, with the majority of new business start-ups failing within the first three years. Buying an established existing business can be an attractive and lower-risk alternative but is not without its own pitfalls. Buying a business is a serious financial and personal commitment that requires a thorough understanding of the business operations and financial performance, as well as expertise to ensure that you are paying a fair price.

If you are considering the purchase of a small or middle-market business, Ryco Advisors can help you navigate through the complex process and maximize your chances at a successful outcome. Our business brokers have many years of experience working on Wall Street, as well as experience managing our own small businesses. We can help you identify acquisition targets that meet your investment criteria and guide you through the due diligence, financing, valuation/negotiation and closing process.

Why Should You Buy a Business?

When executed properly, buying a business can be one of the best investment decisions you can make.  Acquiring an established business provides many advantages over starting one from scratch, giving a buyer access to:


Infrastructure & Assets


Prepared & Trained Employees


Solid Cash Flows


Branding & Name Recognition


Established Client Relationships


Seller Knowledge


Easier Access to Financing

Despite all of these advantages, buyers must still be diligent about ensuring that they have a thorough understanding of the business operations, market risks and financial performance.  Perhaps most importantly, it is essential to ensure that the purchase price is appropriate in order to optimize financial return on investment.

The Buying Process

Ryco Advisors is experienced in helping prospective buyers navigate through the complex process of acquiring a business.

Free Consultation and Meeting

Our representatives will meet with you to discuss your business goals and investment criteria and develop a strategy for acquring a business that meets your objectives.  If third party financing is a part of your plan, we also connect you with our network of financing sources and guide you through the pre-approval process.

Identify a Business Acquisition Target

Our representatives will help connect you with prospective business acquisition targets in our extensive network and will guide you through the process of identifying targets through online search tools and other channels.

Make an Offer

Once you have identified a viable acquisition target, our business brokerage experts will provide expertise regarding business valuation and will work with you to draft an agreement that can be presented to the seller.

Due Diligence

Once your offer is accepted, our advisors will guide you through the due diligence process, ensuring that you take the appropriate steps to validate financial performance and cash flow and connecting you with other advisors as necessary.

Deal Execution

We facilitate the necessary steps to ensure that the deal is successfully consummated, including contract drafting/negotiation and financing.  Ryco ensures that all parties at the closing table are working together and keeping focused on timeline.

Why Choose Ryco Advisors?

You can trust our business brokers at Ryco Advisors to make sure your transaction is handled with precision, leaving no details left unchecked. Our business brokers have:



Experience working with clients across a variety of industry sectors


Many years of experience with Wall Street firms and major consulting companies

small business Experience

Direct experience running and managing small businesses

Expert Marketing strategy

Expertise in creating professional and thorough marketing materials

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